Idealistic Reality

Without Baltimore, there is no San Diego.

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Well, I’ve got to say, sitting in the throughs of BWI Airport for an 8 hour delay sure provides an environment for the mind to wander…

My departure? Myrtle Beach.

My destination? San Diego.

My endless layover? BALTIMORE.

It’s funny how God can speak to us through the most inconvenient of situations.

The moments we want to rip our hair out, He speaks.

The moments we are frustrated with the process, or the seemingly unnecessary steps, He speaks.

The moments when we can’t hear anything through our inner shrieks, He whispers and we hear Him.

I’m trying to get somewhere…and I know eventually I will get there. BUT BALTIMORE. But Baltimore (AKA the unenjoyable parts of my journey, the delays, etc.) is necessary for me to get to San Diego.

It is here – in Baltimore, in the extra steps – where I wait.

It is here where I ponder.

It is here where I listen.

It is here where I gain clarity.

Is waiting inconvenient? Yes. But is waiting needed so that I can be prepared for San Diego? Absolutely. Had I left at the time I had planned, it would have been an incredibly turbulent journey. Had I not stopped in Baltimore, I would have never gotten to San Diego.

Without Baltimore, there is no San Diego.

Without the waiting, there is no steadfastness in Him. Without the storms of Baltimore, there is no sunny San Diego. I’m just so excited to get there!!!

PS: I don’t hate the actual city of Baltimore. I hope you’ve understood the metaphor! Haha. 🤓


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