Idealistic Reality

Life is a compilation of seasons. At the end of our lives, I don’t believe we will see life as one giant mass, but a bunch of small, defining, moments. The highs and lows, the struggles and victories, the regrets and joys. The moments we knew what we were doing, and the moments we had absolutely no idea.

The in-between.

This is my current season. A season of transition, of change, of loss, of vision.

It’s funny the kind of things you find out about yourself during these “in-between” seasons. When your previously hectic schedule becomes open, blank, space, you find yourself with a lot of…welp, time. The time you often focused on tasks and goals, now is suddenly empty space. The question is, what do you fill that space with?

I suppose you can fill it with things that you love, things that you are passionate about, things that, perhaps, you did not have time to previously pursue. And, I am. (It’s sad how quickly you learn how out-of-shape you are when you finally have time to run a few laps. Ouch.)

I have, however, come to realize another outcome. What we do in these “in-between” seasons reveal a lot about the state of our hearts. With more time, it is easy to fall into old ways, to feed the negative, to feed the flesh, and to recognize the voids in our own life and heart.

The in-between offers a season when staying “busy” is no longer an option, or a means of ignoring the deep-rooted, buried, and hidden heart issues.

This can be a scary place to be…but it should never be somewhere that we live.

We all have seasons of ups and downs, seasons when we love ourselves, seasons when we scare ourselves, seasons when we feel like strangers to our own hearts. Each season we endure provides a means for growth.

And with growth comes pain.

And the heart is a painful place to grow…but it is the best place to grow.

God is too good to let us live in the state of a mediocre heart. He wants our hearts to align with His, and that requires a lot of painful surgery. Surgery, while uncomfortable, is meant to re-establish proper function. Heart surgery is painful, yet necessary for living a fully-surrendered life to Christ.

Embrace the in-between!


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