Idealistic Reality

Uncertainty is an awkward place to live in.

Uncertainty is unsettling.

It’s funny how a lack of perspective for the future can influence your present in such a deep way.

7 months ago, I was certain. As someone who is, generally, go-with-the-flow and spontaneous, a definitive plan is something I tend to lack. It’s not to say that I don’t have goals and dreams – I live for the dream! I struggle with making those dreams into a reality. I dream, I idealize, I procrastinate, and I optimistic-ize (new word) everything. So, for me, having a plan is huge.

7 months later, I’ve come to learn how quickly plans can change. I’ve experienced how quickly certainty can become uncertainty, sending an eternal optimist into the dark depths of reality.

So, here we are.

Uncertainty is unwelcoming, yet I sit here writing this whilst resting on a pillow that says, “Find the beauty in every day.” Funny, isn’t it?

Even when the expectancies of life cause us to lose our sense of settledness, it is important to not get lost in it. It is so easy to become consumed with the misery of the question mark. I can attest to that.

Don’t let your present realities distort your potential to dream again.

Uncertainty, while unsettling, can become a beautiful time of discovering new depths to trust and hope.

Uncertainty ushers us into new seasons of growth – just don’t let the growing pains cripple your ability to walk.

Find the beauty in today – even if your “today” isn’t what you had hoped it would be. Hey, at least you have a today!


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